Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizenship is a term used to describe preparing students to use technology responsibly in a society full of technology. Digital Citizenship encompasses both safety and literacy.


Digital Citizenship is a great time for learning more and refreshing your memory about important digital citizenship skills.  It’s all about staying safe while on the internet and making good choices!


Monday: “Stay Safe Online”
What does it mean to be a good digital citizen? Making the most of our online experiences starts by keeping safe and secure.
Elementary Video: What is Digital Citizenship
Secondary Video: Perspectives on Chatting, Common Sense Media, 4:24

Tuesday: “Protect your own and others’ private information.”
Be aware that everywhere you go online, everything you post, and everything others post about you leaves a trail. It’s called your digital footprint.
Elementary Video: Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa

Wednesday: “Stand up to cyberbullying”
We want to treat people the way we want to be treated… be a friend, not a bystander. Let cyberbullies know their online behavior is unacceptable.
Elementary Video: Cyberbullying – Turn It Around Music Video

Thursday: “Give proper credit when we use others’ work.”
Remember that the law protects individuals’ rights to creative work. Just because you can find it on the internet doesn’t mean that you can use it.
Elementary and Secondary Video: Copyright and Fair Use Animation, Common Sense Media, 2:45

Friday: “Balance time spent on the computer with other activities.”
Find a healthy balance between media and technology and other activities. Remember… your life needs balance. Unplug and see the world!
Elementary Video: If You Give a Mouse an iPad and Goodnight iPad