Round Rock ISD is committed to supporting all students and staff in becoming responsible digital citizens, informed information consumers and producers, and safe users of technology resources.  Our activities and interactions online form our digital footprint and shape the online communities of future generations.

This website is a coordinated effort to bring digital citizenship to students, teachers, parents, and our community.  It is the result of ongoing, multidisciplinary teamwork including instructional technology specialists, teachers, counselors, librarians, community members and students to create a resource that is flexible and informative.

Together, we will “RROCK” the Web!

VIDEO: Encouraging Digital Citizenship

Round Rock ISD Digital Citizenship Yearly Plan – Instructions

These are recommended timelines, however, each campus determines when best to address these concepts.  What matters is that students engage with these topics within the school year.

Sep – Oct Acceptable Use
Nov – Dec Digital Safety 
Jan – Feb Cyber Bullying
Mar – Apr Digital / Information Literacy


Instructions: Click Here