What is a Makerspace Anyway?

Maker is a culture, not a space. It’s a way of empowering students by giving them choice. It’s a way of thinking that fosters creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Moving students from consumption to creation is an important emphasis and in the Makerspace learning environment, students can turn their knowledge into action!


First Steps in Getting Started

The first steps in getting started in your school are to understand your learners, assess the curriculum and existing programs, consider best practices, and order your materials and equipment. Lastly, make a plan for how you are going to share and showcase the learning!


Ways to Expand Your Makerspace

If you’ve explored the Makerspace concept in your school and you’re looking for ways to expand, you might consider the following:

  1. Exploring the power of teacher questioning and student reflection
  2. Incorporating the design process or making more explicit connections to it
  3. Diversifying the tools and/or materials available to students
  4. Encouraging community connections and action